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Thursday, May 24, 2012


Trade industry is so complex. From sales strategy to the external factors, it is not easy to understand. Industry is very dependent with a term called ‘marketing’ and 'sales' that spearheading the company. That's a very common thing in the world trade. But keep in mind is how to mix those two things in order to achieve success in the industry. A variety of 'marketing' until sales herbing must be refreshed, upgraded, and formulated so to achieve the target.
Besides the main things before, there are several factors that are influential in this industry. This is actually a concrete step industry to spread its wings. Advertising, promotion and service are all factors that would direct the public perceived as a mediator of the industry. They know the products and manufacturers from advertising and promotion that they hear and see. As well as advertising and promotion, customer service to an event that they make the experience to know the quality of the company.

3 It seems that the advertising, promotion and service are the reason to play the formation of the company's existence. No doubt, even the company poured the most money on advertising and promotion. As for the service they have always embraced "consumer is a king". If not, do not expect the company will work well. The important thing is to establish a consumer mindset that the company is okay. Only from manufacturers that they think it is okay they believe to buy products or services. And from the promos, commercials, and the service is it can be realized.


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