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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Yamaha Mio J Indonesia (Colors, Features, and Specification)

A sighting Mio with its 5 colors have appeared on the official web sites YIMM. There are 5 colors bro ... Cutes. For the spoke wheel and cast wheel both have the same color. The difference is only on the kind of wheel. With a tag that has a difference IDR 800K and just have a difference in rim, it makes perfect sense. And price (the price of Mio J spoke) proved to be a variant of cheapest of matic motorcycle with injection engine in Indonesia today. Here the following colors are offered Yamaha Indonesia.

Mio J CW Indonesia (Black color)

Mio J CW Indonesia (White color)

For those who want to woo one of them, just providing money IDR 11.99 million for the Mio J spoke, or IDR 12.8 million for the variants of cast wheels and 100K IDR higher for Mio J Teen with more color combination.

Mio J CW Indonesia (Blue color)

Mio J CW Indonesia (Green color)

Mio J CW Indonesia (Red color)

Yamaha provides a variant wheel radius for matic motorcycle  injection in addition to providing many choices for motorcycle lovers, this is also one of the strategies form the mind set of matic motorcycle . More and more variants are offered, so the mind set of people will be stronger. If they listen matic motorcycle” they will always think "YAMAHA".

Mio J Teen  Indonesia   (Blue)

Mio J Teen  Indonesia   (Blue) side view

Then, offered a variant with quirky colors with three primary colors. This variant is intended for young children who love the vibrant colors. With the price of IDR 12.93 million, you can bring home the motorcycle. Well, the most expensive of Mio J variant priced at less than 13 million. Mindset of the expensive injection motorcycle was broken by Yamaha.

Mio J Teen (Red) side view

And here are features and specification Mio J….

Mio J Indonesia Features

Main Features of Mio J Indonesia

Mio J Indonesia Specification

Hope fully for Injection era of motorcycle. Just for our lovely earth, health, and our son lives.....


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