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Friday, March 9, 2012

Allocation Mio J Teen “1 (one) Month Delay”

 Well, after noisy of launch the very latest Yamaha automatic new really facelift in last February. Why do very and really? Given the preceding generation that has not been changed since it first came out a way to significantly, Yamaha is now presenting a new generation called  Mio J aka Mio Jet. In addition the design has been changed (but does still in Mio precursor), the engine was already adopting the latest technology. Yamaha  injection machine called YMJet-FI has been installed in the automatic motor body. Have added features of  Forged Piston and cylinder Diassil which would further increase performance and engine durability.

Mio J Teen Black

Mio J Teen Blue
 Released last February by the three variants of the Mio J spokes (spoke wheel), Mio J CW (racing wheels), and Mio J Teen (racing  wheel plus  colorful striping). But since the first allocation, the third variant does not appear on the official dealer. Whether a particular strategy or is it influenced the production process that does not run properly. But clearly, since last March, the allocation for variants of Mio J teen to an authorized dealer Yamaha has included. There are 5 color of striping for that variants namely Black Teen, Blue Teen , Green Teen, Red Teen , and White Teen.
Mio J Teen Green

Mio J Teen White

Mio J Teen Red
 Now Mio J variant that allocated to the entire archipelago by the PT. YIMM be complete already .Differences with other  species that launched coincided to Mio J, Mio Fino. Mio Fino comes with complete formation (classic, Sports, and Fashion). But this march, Yamaha Indonesia gets a counter-attack from PT. AHM with the launch of the Vario Techno 125 i by applying the same machine with MioJ.  Injection engine is known as the Honda PGM-FI. Quite surprising, because  PT.AHM usually  very aggressive, but this time the new March 2012, Honda Indonesia to provide a breakthrough.
Automatic Fino Logo

New Vario Techno 125
Will the two-wheeled automobile competition more fierce? We wait for the next round.

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