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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Yamaha Mio J Allocated (Priced cheapest from other Injection automatic motorcycle in Indonesia NOW)

February .... The time that awaited by Indonesian motorcycle lover to greet the allocation sales of Yamaha Mio Fino and Yamaha Mio J. Two variants are called MIO is already widely discussed in the automotive world in both the magazine and blogspare. Last month, both of these motors has been introduced in general in the two cities in Bali and Bandung. When it was released price Yamaha Mio Fino. However, for new Mio J appear in appearance and has not disclosed the price.

Mio J CW Hijau
Mio J CW Biru
But through his official website, Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing given press release about the price of automatic motor that already has the technology of YM-Jet FI. And the staggering of the three variants Mio J, we are only required to provide the money as much as about 12 million IDR. "WAW" tag of the cheapest entry level automatic current injection in Indonesia. Yup no one motorcycle that priced under 12 million IDR now in Indonesia. Even , Mio J is used Forged Piston and Diasil cylinder. Its Amazing.

Mio J Teen

Mio J Teen
"Untuk on the road wilayah Jakarta dan sekitarnya, harga Mio Fino Sporty dan Mio Fino Fashion Rp 13.500.000 sedangkan Mio Fino Classic Rp 13.650.000. Mio J-FI dibanderol seharga Rp 11.990.000, Mio J CW-FI harganya Rp 12.800.000, Mio J-CW Teen FI seharga Rp 12.930.000"

For on the road price in Jakarta and surrounding areas, prices Mio Fino Sporty and Mio Fino Fashion 13.5 million IDR while the Classic Fino Mio 13.65 million IDR. Mio J-FI priced at IDR 11.99 million, Mio J CW-FI price at IDR 12 800 .000, Mio J CW Teen-FI for IDR 12.93 million.

Rear Lamp Mio J

Baggage  Mio J
Stripping Mio J

This course will be very crowded competition to make sales of motorcycles in Indonesia, especially with his eternal rival who has released a tech automatic injection motor. Reasonable prices for the public, they are expected to be excited about the new generation of more bike-friendly environment for the achievement of EURO emission standards in Indonesia and of course also to our beloved earth.

Honda Spacy FI

Mio J CW

Speedometer Mio J
On the fate of previous Mio generations, do not to worry, Yamaha will not inject die variants Mio spoke or Mio CW. But its production will be increasingly less until 2013. The point is, Yamaha will shift gradually Mio carburetor with new product Mio J.


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