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Friday, January 27, 2012


After eagerly awaited by the biker of Indonesia, Yamaha Fino Indonesia finally sticking. If ever before just sticking with plain appearance when test ride by the manufacturer and caught the spy shoot course, now Indonesia Yamaha Fino was really up and officially released. Motorcycle Matic proved released under the name "Yamaha Mio Fino". Clearly there is a retro matic motorcycle still bears the name "MIO". This could mean that a new motorcycle was released on January 25, 2012. Used the big name of MIO that was already very influence into the public mindset matic motorcyclecycle Indonesia will no longer need to build a name and a new product that is not easy. Let's take the example of Yamaha Lexam or Yamaha Xeon which looks not so receive a satisfactory appreciation of the community Indinesia. Expected to follow include the name of the new type of Yamaha MIO will be easy to get appreciation from lovers of motorcycle in Indonesia.

Yamaha Mio Fino With The Models
 Yamaha Mio Fino introduced for the first time to test ride through the media held in Cihampelas Walk, Bandung and Discovery Kuta, Bali, on Wednesday (January 25, 2012). This motor was laounched with the tagline, "Mio Fino, Fashionable Matic". It can describe means' Generation of Mio that more Fashion looking. But indeed if seen from the form and its stripping, the designers tried to make an appearance Yamaha Fino is Fashionable. With design and the same model, Yamaha Mio Fino Indonesia provides three options namely Mio Fino Fashion theme, Mio Fino Classic and Mio Fino Sporty. The third of the theme different only on color and stripping. And each theme is inhabited some color and stripping option is the Fashion & Fashion Pink Cyan (for the theme of Fashion), Classic Red, Classic Black (for the Classic theme); and Black Sports, Blue Sports and Red Sports (for a sports theme). Given the choice of the most widely on the theme of sport for people of Indonesia at this time may again really like motor sport. Perhaps thumbs up for this Yamaha's strategy. Imagine, with just one design they can create the three themes of the motor. This means also with a single design can be targeted at multiple segments. From young to old, from school children to office, from the likes of fashion who likes to sport shades.
Yamaha Mio Fino Sport
Yamaha Fino before it has fulfilled the automotive market in neighboring Thailand. Long before Yamaha Fino into a public debate in this country, this classic style of motor has been wandering in the streets of the country's Gajah Putih. Differences with Fino Indonesia, Thailand Fino lies in the position lights and headlights dusk. Position lights dusk Fino Indonesia more style with a frame (frame) and chrome accents. Indonesia provided the main light Fino hood or cover that looks forward as well as on classic cars. Speedometer and fuel meter Fino Indonesia are separated to make it look unique and easily modified.

Mio Fashion Looking
Its not means with the same design then the exchange rate these motors will also be the same. Yamaha Indonesia "YIMM" has set a price of 150 thousand IDR more expensive for the theme Classic. Yamaha Mio Fashion and Mio Fino Sporty priced at 13.5 million IDR. While Mio Fino Classic marketed worth 13.65 million dollars. We don’t know what the basic difference in price. However it is possible a better stripping materials and workmanship are more complicated to be the reason.

Yamaha Mio Fino Classic Specification

Yamaha Mio Fino Fashion Specification

Yamaha Mio Fino Indonesia already equipped Automatic Headlight On (AHO), fuel meter, speedometer, front pocket, CVT engine and tail light. However, despite being launched, this Skutik brand-new retro-modern fashionable ready for the market in February. Specifications of the engine did not change with the type 4-stroke engine, 2 valve, SOHC, fan-cooled and a capacity of 113 cc. The engine is capable of producing power in the run up to 8.35 PS 8000 rpm with peak torque reached 7.84 Nm at 7,000 rpm.

Yamaha Mio Fino Sports Specification
For those who can not wait to woo the beautiful, we wait for the allocation of units in the upcoming February ya ... Just a few days really... Have friends ordered this motor?


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