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Friday, December 23, 2011


2011 is the year of Yamaha’s sport bike segment. With one of the variants Vixion, Yamaha dominate almost half of the market in motor sport segment. Yamaha certainly does not give this dominant segment into the hands of competitors. As previously, automatic motorcycle segment has been taken over by his competitor recently. Vixion is a vital role in motor sport segment for Yamaha. Because of high demand for this motorcycle and favorite in much people, Vixion is often rewarded. As an example, got “Indonesian Motorcycle of the year (IMOTY) in the year 2008” by Automotive Journalists Forum Indonesia and other awards from the same other version. Byson got that award in 2011.


Nowadays, extremely difficult to get safe and comfort public transport. Especially with the recent news about transportation that further add to the many people afraid of public transportation. So people wise to choose motorcycle for their transportation. This transportation is like to be the most popular means of transportation in society today. In addition it is safe, comfortable and practical, better cost making people sure on selecting motorcycle. Therefore, the motorcycle industry will grow with the people transportation options. So, the manufacturers must take a race to use this well opportunity.


Has a motorcycle is a must nowadays. Whether it is only to follow the society habit, or they are in need of practical and economical transportation. Many choices of products come from different brands and variants.  Motorcycle, automatic motorcycle, or motor sports manufacturers are available. Buying a motorcycle is not as easy as turning the palm of the hand. Besides it is not cheap price by employees with a salary of minimum wage standards, the procedure was also pretty complicated.  Lately, or it have been an ordinary phenomenon that makes the consumer more and more trouble. “Partially prepaid” aka (‘inden’ in Indonesian) is stock vacant unit makes customers must undergo a process to wait in several times until the motorcycle meet demand. Partially prepaid can occur because stock of a motorbike cannot meet demand. It can occur because a color of specific motorcycle is not ready stock or even because a type of motorcycle is not in ready stick too. Partially prepaid not only hit the motor unit only. Parts sometimes also have to get partially prepaid.


Advances in automotive industry market making unstoppable competition of the brands. Each brand carries its own mission and vision to win the market. Society was provided with a wide range of products that are very difficult to compare the advantages and the disadvantages. Communities are required to be more intelligent in choosing products to meet their needs. Talking about automotive industrial problems also we’re in discussion about uncomfortable and unsafe public transport. That will make a favored people in the automotive industry. People that really need transportation and even people that have hobbies in automotive will more interest to automotive industry.

Thursday, December 22, 2011


Recently, people were getting smarter. We are still in late will be displaced by the reality. The age is getting older, the growth must be higher. The industrialized world was no less fast in growing with the times. As well as the motorcycle industry that the longer feels any more excited. Just try to count how many products are launched each motorcycle manufacturer. Hundreds? Maybe more. Even now, as competition becomes more intense, almost every month there are new products released from the motor manufacturer. As consumers we are also required more selective to choose. In addition of the background of the competition, the technology will be reasoned for out of many products from the manufacturer. First that there is no automatic motor, the motor technology without gears has now been created. First there is no injection motor, now many of the motor with a system without a carburetor. And much more evidences showing an increase in technology that brought each manufacturer to upgrade its products. 

Sunday, December 18, 2011


The world automotive industry were increasing the competition. Motor manufacturers are always competing to get customers as much as possible. Advertising and promotion are highly competitive, improving management and service excellence, until new products are released increasingly competitive and brings the latest technology. To survive these are must always be done by industry players. Late and lost in one small section, competitors, will crush without mercy. The strategy must be qualified so that competition can be dominated.
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