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Friday, December 23, 2011


2011 is the year of Yamaha’s sport bike segment. With one of the variants Vixion, Yamaha dominate almost half of the market in motor sport segment. Yamaha certainly does not give this dominant segment into the hands of competitors. As previously, automatic motorcycle segment has been taken over by his competitor recently. Vixion is a vital role in motor sport segment for Yamaha. Because of high demand for this motorcycle and favorite in much people, Vixion is often rewarded. As an example, got “Indonesian Motorcycle of the year (IMOTY) in the year 2008” by Automotive Journalists Forum Indonesia and other awards from the same other version. Byson got that award in 2011.

Indeed, features in Vixion making ‘motor sport fans’ immediately fell in love. How could it not, with prices around 21 million, the buyer got a fresh design of motor sport, delta box on the chassis, injection system was applied to the engine, and a range of other attractive features. So, we can say that Vixion has a higher value than other motor sport. But is it true that buying Vixion took the reasons from the following features? Or are there other reasons such as long time waiting to get a product from Vixion’s brother named “Byson” , or perhaps because people trusted on recommendation? Only Vixion’s consumers can answer it.

Fuel Injection System (FI) is not so popular in Lampung community other places. But the unique thing is in fact Vixion that has injection engine were selling like hotcakes. Does it show that the public already enthusiasm for the machine-efficient in fuel consumption, or it’s just an ordinary phenomenon. Because we can see Yamaha’s competitor product that applied FI could only crawl and stagger under Vixion success is increasing. Moreover, in the future suppose to be out the motors with injection system to meet emissions standards UERO. Even in Europe most of the motor vehicle has been using the injection system.Yamaha Mio CW FI will be the generation of Yamaha motorcycles with injection system following the Vixion. Motorcycle-engined injection version of the automatic injection which is the complement Mio CW will soon launch by Yamaha. Expected success will follow suit on his elder brother was. If the Vixion customers use injection system as one of the main reasons they bought that motor sport, is almost certain that the injection machine has been popular in the community. And predicted it will successful as Vixion for the variants with the FI system if the brand does not ignore in other values.

Customer satisfaction is the goal of brand purpose. For it necessary to study assess user Vixion satisfaction.Their satisfaction will form their loyalty. And loyalty is the main goal of producers to consumers. So if you’re a user of Vixion, how satisfy are you in using that motor sport?
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