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Friday, December 23, 2011


Nowadays, extremely difficult to get safe and comfort public transport. Especially with the recent news about transportation that further add to the many people afraid of public transportation. So people wise to choose motorcycle for their transportation. This transportation is like to be the most popular means of transportation in society today. In addition it is safe, comfortable and practical, better cost making people sure on selecting motorcycle. Therefore, the motorcycle industry will grow with the people transportation options. So, the manufacturers must take a race to use this well opportunity.

Traffic Jam
With all strategies and a variety of ways, motorcycle manufacturer taking people’s interest to buy their products. Sometimes people confused to locate the best choice on buying a motorcycle. Finally, people choose to buy some motorcycle with different brands. Or in other words, they have several product of motorcycle from various brand. This is so naturally happened, they buy a motorcycle because likes on the motor type or models and not yet loyal to a brand. This phenomenon is ordinary happen. As smart people, they will be more selective to choose everything that will be purchased, including the motorcycle. So the producers will be more competitive to get customer loyalty.

Motorcycles Logo
In conscious ways or not, these consumers will compare the motorcycle based on its brand. They will look for advantages or disadvantages of each motorcycle. This happens because they feel directly to the products of the brands. Objective? Certainly they will judge the comparison objectively. Because the object of comparison is very close to their lives and it is an option ever to fulfill their life.

Many brand of Motorcycle
The comparison results that they are doing, not directly affect their decision to choose the motorcycle in the future. They must have had its own reasons to determine the options on purchasing motorcycle. But indirectly it can be a reference and become their perceptions and opinions of the brand image that they used. That Perceptions and opinions can be extended if they recommend their comparison results to others. But any perception and public opinion towards a particular brand, provided they are satisfied, it will form a positive brand image, and vice versa. The main thing here is a satisfaction of customer. So become a smart buyer on everything! Then you’ll get a satisfaction.



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