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Friday, December 23, 2011


Has a motorcycle is a must nowadays. Whether it is only to follow the society habit, or they are in need of practical and economical transportation. Many choices of products come from different brands and variants.  Motorcycle, automatic motorcycle, or motor sports manufacturers are available. Buying a motorcycle is not as easy as turning the palm of the hand. Besides it is not cheap price by employees with a salary of minimum wage standards, the procedure was also pretty complicated.  Lately, or it have been an ordinary phenomenon that makes the consumer more and more trouble. “Partially prepaid” aka (‘inden’ in Indonesian) is stock vacant unit makes customers must undergo a process to wait in several times until the motorcycle meet demand. Partially prepaid can occur because stock of a motorbike cannot meet demand. It can occur because a color of specific motorcycle is not ready stock or even because a type of motorcycle is not in ready stick too. Partially prepaid not only hit the motor unit only. Parts sometimes also have to get partially prepaid.

History of Motorcycle
Partially prepaid is a problem in the motor industry since the first. Demand exceeds the number of production is the one thing the cause. In often, Partially prepaid was done by several elements in order to earn more profits. Time to wait partially prepaid process are varied, there are only a week to two weeks or even up to one year, it depend on the motor unit that must be met. In the process of partially prepaid, sometimes consumers do not feel comfortable to wait. Even some customer have to choose to other type of motorbike that does not in partially prepaid or even up cancel for purchase. It is a prerogative right of the consumer to determine. They have own reason to meet the need for their two-wheeled transportation. Level of consumer’s patience to wait is very varied. Some are willing to wait up to one year, some are not willing to wait in a second. This was allegedly able to disrupt the harmony of the motorbike sales industry.

It can be the main reason that the partially prepaid process can influence consumer decisions to buy a motorcycle. They could have a negative rate of a particular brand image that its products are often in partially prepaid. Also they can move choice to another brand of motorcycle for not willing to wait partially prepaid. This can affect their decision to buy a motorcycle in the future. Perhaps, one of the main reasons that can make consumers willing to wait for the partially prepaid process is they  was so fell in love with motorbike and cannot replace it in all things with another type or product. Therefore, the partially prepaid process needs to be avoided with the best production planning and allocation. Because it is not going to be better but getting worse if manufacturers selling many products that are high in demand but there are partially prepaid process than the manufacturer with a low product demand but never give partially prepaid process. So, how far ‘partially prepaid’ influence to interesting customer’s to buy motorcycle? Customer and time will tell…



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