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Friday, December 23, 2011


Advances in automotive industry market making unstoppable competition of the brands. Each brand carries its own mission and vision to win the market. Society was provided with a wide range of products that are very difficult to compare the advantages and the disadvantages. Communities are required to be more intelligent in choosing products to meet their needs. Talking about automotive industrial problems also we’re in discussion about uncomfortable and unsafe public transport. That will make a favored people in the automotive industry. People that really need transportation and even people that have hobbies in automotive will more interest to automotive industry.

Motorcycle Wirehouse

With the growing of glorious automotive industry, more products offered to the public. Thus would appear some opinions about products on their minds.They make an evaluation of the products were offered, comparing their advantages or disadvantages among all products. All of assessments would take from brands background.  Finally there arises the brand image. This is a public opinion in general about a particular brand. Brand image does not necessary formed in a short time. It took a relatively long time to establish a positive brand image. Brand image also formed by its progress in national and international industry.

We understand a few brands of motorcycle. Manufacturers who all come from Japan took a long time to enliven motorcycle industry in the world. Indeed, Japan is one of the world’s top automotive manufacturers. Those brands are Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, and Kawasaki. Although there are many more brands the other motorcycles, but above is “the big four” in the world motor industry. Each brand has own trademark. Some examples of public’s opinion that appears now that Honda is an efficient motor, fast bike for Yamaha, Suzuki has powerful engine, and Kawasaki is famous for its motor sports style, and many more opinions. All opinions are formed because each brand has always echoing its superiority over other brands by products launched. To obtain a positive brand image, the brand must be more heavily towards public enlightenment about the superiority of its products through advertising, events, promotions, and so forth. All forms of brand promotion course without discredit to competitors to meet a healthy competition. Healthy competition will form a healthy industry and a healthy economy as well.

Winning Customer Loyalty

Brand image is not only a public opinion against the brand, but can also be a symbol that is always inherent in people’s hearts. Because it is important symbol, the brand image will be people’s reference to make choices. They will buy the product with the brand image that they think is good. They also more loyal to brands that they think have a good image and always give satisfaction. So, what are you think about motorcycle brand?



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