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Thursday, December 22, 2011


Recently, people were getting smarter. We are still in late will be displaced by the reality. The age is getting older, the growth must be higher. The industrialized world was no less fast in growing with the times. As well as the motorcycle industry that the longer feels any more excited. Just try to count how many products are launched each motorcycle manufacturer. Hundreds? Maybe more. Even now, as competition becomes more intense, almost every month there are new products released from the motor manufacturer. As consumers we are also required more selective to choose. In addition of the background of the competition, the technology will be reasoned for out of many products from the manufacturer. First that there is no automatic motor, the motor technology without gears has now been created. First there is no injection motor, now many of the motor with a system without a carburetor. And much more evidences showing an increase in technology that brought each manufacturer to upgrade its products. 

How Many Segments of Motorcycle there?

From so many products that launched, we can categorize based on certain segments suit of specifications. Such as the 150 CC motor sport segment is motor sport that having a maximum engine 150 CC of capacity. 125 CC motorcycle segment is a motorcycle that has the greatest capacity 125 CC. And many more segments of the other motors. This segmentation allows us to classify the motor in product specifications. 
What Kind of Segment picture above?

Each segment certainly found various motorcycle from manufacturers variety. From the various motors in a segment, certainly there are advantages and disadvantages of each. These can be seen from various viewpoints. Consumers will judge their heart's content for the products they are interested. Consumers will compare each product to another of the segments with different base. Comparisons can be objective, can also be subjective. Objective because the object compared based on the facts, and subjective because comparison carried out consumers at will. From the results of the comparison, finally eventually emerge opinions about one segment of the motor. Will arise about the mindset of the most sporty motorcycle, the most girly motor, the motor that the most elegant, and so forth. 

Bike or Motorbike?

Mindset that set in the community about bike category does not take a minute to get shape. Besides a long time, factors promos and manufacturers approach advertising is also very influential. The amount of any sales will affect the creation of mindset, because most people will give a deeper appreciation for a very salable product. The public mindset about the 'motor of the most' is not merely dressing on the products of one manufacturer only, but products from other manufacturers may also be on the podium. More incentive of manufacturer in attempt to win the business competition, the greater probability of its products to be 'the motor of the most' would be created. It's not every head has the same mindset for a particular category, but most heads will have the same mindset as the tendency of human thought is the same. Mindset is not just a mindset, but it will greatly affect the image of a brand and can determine the dominance of the motor industry competition. 



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