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Saturday, March 10, 2012

All New Vario Techno 125 has a Dual Function

OK, two-wheeled Indonesia Automotive is hot enough after out of new products from major manufacturers. And automatic motorcycle was the targeted segments. Indeed, this segment is the largest of two-wheeler market of Indonesia. Practical, suitable for young and old, men and women even transgender. Earlier year always used to showcase new facelift. It’s as in previous years.

New Suzuki Nex

Rear view of New Suzuki Nex
Suzuki Nex Launching, an automatic motorcycle from Suzuki Indonesia. The motors are agile, lean, and fuel economy. Then welcomed by the release of Mio J, Motor full technology with the use and application injection engine, diasil cylinder, and forged piston. Coinciding with Mio J, Mio Fino was introduced with an aura of classic (not retro),came with a threat to Scoopy that have been breezed comfortably in retro automatic market segment.
Mio J Touring

Rear view of Mio J

Girly of Yamaha Mio Fino Classic

New Yamaha Mio Fino Indonesia
And the most fresh of course is out of All New Vario techno 125. Matic motorcycle premium 125 cc of engine really  rich with features of SSS (side stand switch) to ACG starter feature that makes the starter virtually noiseless. Headlights also have DC. Especially with the already embedded PGM-FI engine new version of the add value of this automatic motorcycle.
Modern Design of All New Vario Techno 125

Launching All New Vario Techno 125 Indonesia
New Vario Techno 125 Dashboard

New Vario Techno 125 Rear wheel

New Vario Techno 125 Muffler

New Vario Techno 125 Headlamp

New Vario Techno 125 Front Disc Break

New Vario Techno 125 Speedometer

New Vario Techno 125 Side View
New Vario Techno Engine Cut

Priced the same to Yamaha Xeon that losing head to head on the paper, All New Vario techno 125 suppose to overthrown YIMM’s premium automatic motorcycle. But even as “dived while drink milk”, this new Honda product can also be used as disturber of a third new facelift by another manufacturers product. What a smart strategy from PT. AHM.
Yamaha Xeon Indonesia 125 CC
Then we wait for the maneuvers of the marketing of manufacturers automotive two-wheeled.


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