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Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Ups and downs are common in the world of industry. As experienced Yamaha lately in achieving sales of its products. It is not too muddy, but less than the maximum more precisely. In sharp contrast with his eternal rival manufacturers that got very high sales. Even MURI (Record of museum in Indonesia) gives appreciation for the sale of the motorcycle with the highest achievement in a single month in last October. Desires, interests, public interest sometimes are difficult to predict. After all, they have own right to choose what they buy.

Farmers prefer to Bicycle?
Decline in sales of Yamaha’s products in recent years is not unreasonable. Drought may be a reason sales reflux. Most of the profession or occupation depends on the climate and weather. Most feel this is certainly is among the farmers. Their dependence on water is an absolute. So if there is no water they will not earn. If no income, then it will not be able to meet all the needs of the primary to tertiary. Included in fulfill of the purchase of transportation equipment such as motorcycles.
Farmer use machine for plowing
Farmer Planting

In Indonesia, which is famous for its agriculture, the majority of the population worked as farmers. Surely they will also be affected by the drought that hit lately. Unable to meet the needs of adequate food, education costs of children is delayed, so they cannot buy goods that have been planned to be purchased. Motorcycle users in Indonesia are also a lot of these circles. Because there is no doubt that the motorcycle is the most popular means of transportation in both rural and urban areas, from employees, workers and peasants. It is a practical transportation, flexible and efficient.
Transportation for Farmers

The Difficult Terrain to reach the field

Farmers can be considered depending on the motorcycle. The path they traveled from home to the fields can be ascertained there is no mode of transportation that arrived. Any way they did when they wanted to go to town. It would not have found modes of transport passing like in urban areas. Besides these may still be many more reasons that make the farmers using the motorcycle as a means of transportation. So that needs to be studied more deeply about the interest and the dependence of farmers to motorcycle and the things that affect them in the purchase of it. How far their dependence on the motorcycle? For whatever they using motorcycle? and purchasing power among farmers will be interesting to reveal. It can support the development of the Indonesian motorcycle industry.




  1. n then, what about the fisherman ?

  2. i think fisherman's life is not different to farmers


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